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During this difficult time I am unable to go to the post office to post orders above 100g. However orders that are smaller and can be posted in the letter box, such as seeds and mordants of 100g will still be possible. Madder rhizomes will not be available to purchase for the time being. I apologise for this inconvenience and hope you understand. Please stay safe and take care.

Best wishes, Jean


Our aim is to encourage the teaching and preservation of traditional crafts using natural resources. We strive to be as self sufficient and eco friendly as possible.

We grow and sell a selection of reliable natural dyes, including woad, weld, madder and coreopsis. Natural dyes give a wide range of wonderful, subtle and superior colours. They are the most ecologically sound and by using them in preference to synthetic dyes we can help reduce our carbon footprint.

Dyeing-crafts Tours

I am happy to organise tours/demonstrations to interested groups where you can see first -hand the wonderful plants that provide the pigments essential to natural dyeing and demonstrate some of the secrets of natural dyes as used in the Medieval days, including woad, weld, madder and coreopsis.

If you are interested in booking a tour or would like further information please contact me via email:- [email protected] or mobile 07971 457 184

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