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Use Titanium oxalate

Use Titanium oxalate

Using titanium oxalate as a post mordant will give bright to medium shades of orange. It gives a different range of shades than when alum is used as a mordant.

100g material 

10g – 15g of titanium oxalate

Dye your material without mordanting then proceed thus:-

  1. Dissolve the titanium oxalate with some warm water and add to the dye pot with sufficient water to cover the material being used. Stir well.
  2. Add your wetted material and gently heat to a temperature of 80 degrees C for an hour stirring regularly. 
  3. Turn off the heat and allow to cool completely.
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry in the shade. 

Titanium oxalate has a marked reaction to tannin and is popular with artists involved in botanical prints. Leaves that contain high amounts of tannin will produce a more orange/yellow result than if using alum as a mordant.

It is also more lightfast than alum.