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Dye With Dyer’s Greenweed

Genista tinctoria

Also known as Dyer’s broom.

Genista tinctoria is a decidious shrub growing to 2 foot x 3 foot.

It  flowers from June -September.

A good quality yellow dye is obtained from the whole plant – especially the flowers when alum mordanted. 

It was used as a yellow dye on wool since pre-historic times.

Woad overdyed on dyer’s greenweed produces the famous Kendal green.

The young shoots and stems from some of the taller plants were once bound together for use as sweeping brooms – hence the common name of dyer’s broom.

Dyer’s greenweed contains luteolin – the same pigment as weld.

To dye with dyer’s greenweed – follow the instructions for:-


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