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Helianthus annuus

The seed hulls can be used to produce colourfast purple and grey colours on fibre and baskets.

Native Americans – including the Hopi used this dye for yarns, baskets, and body paint.

Yellow petals with black centres.

They can grow up to 8 – 10 feet.

Sow from mid-April to the end of May. An annual plant – flowering in August and ready to harvest in the autumn.

Reproduces from seeds.

Grow in full sun.

Benefits from high nitrogen content.

Sow in situ after the last frost or start in pots indoors and transplant after the last frost. Most sunflowers are easy to grow as long as the soil is not waterlogged. They are attractive to bees and birds. I have to net my Hopi seeds in the late summer/autumn to protect them from the birds who find them delicious – although I do save them plenty!

Sunflowers grow best in locations with direct sunlight and if possible protect from strong winds. They have long tap roots that need to stretch out, so plants prefer well-dug. loose, good draining soil. Dig down to a depth of 2 feet to ensure the soil isn’t too compact. Dig in a nutrient-rich fertilizer such as aged manure or a slow-release granular fertilizer – about 8 inches deep.

Sow sunflower seeds directly into the soil after the danger of frost is past. Ideally the soil temperature should be about 55 – 60 degrees F.

Plant the seeds no more than an inch deep and about 6 inches apart – make the rows about 30 inches apart.

Whilst the plant is still small, water around the root area – about 3 – 4 inches away from the plant. Once the plant is established water deeply but infrequently to encourage deep rooting.

Hopi sunflowers will require support throughout the growing period.

Feed only sparingly as over-fertilization can cause the stems to break in the autumn.

To harvest sunflower seeds keep an eye out for ripeness. The Hopi sunflower seed will be deep black and shiny. Cut the head off the plant about 4 inches below the flower head and remove the seeds with a fork.

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