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Madder Rhizomes

Also called Turkey red. 

The roots of this ancient plant are rich in red alizarin and are the source of a strong red dye. The uniforms of the British Red Coats were dyed with madder root. It is a perennial root growing to a height of approximately 100cm. Madder roots grow rapidly and require a dedicated bed where roots can be contained. They prefer rich, alkaline, well draining soil. If required the soil can be ammended with agricultural lime  Test your soils pH before planting as it is thought that an alkaline soil stimulates higher alizin production within the roots which aids the depth of red in the dyeig process.

The colour yielded varies from red to orange depending on how it is worked in the dyeing process and the mineral content of the soil and water and the age of the root. 

Our rhizomes are ready to grow on and are not quite ready to be used immediately. However, planting rhizomes rather than seeds will save at least two years as the rhizomes should be between 3 - 4 years before they are suitable to be harvested for dyeing purposes.

Read how to dye with madder on our "how to" page on the main website.

You can also purchase dried and chopped madder root or ground madder powder on our online shop if you want to dye before your rhizomes are ready to harvest.

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Madder Rhizomes