The Kid’s club have been having great fun working on several different craft activities over the past few weeks including felting a lovely wall hanging.


Our lovely Alpacas!

After some discussion it was decided to make a felted picture showing some of our lovely alpacas – especially as we were going to use their fibre to make the wall hanging!

We took a photograph late one afternoon when there was a particularly lovely sunset.

Four of the children wanted this to be their project and it has taken four weeks to complete. It was the children’s enthusiasm and contribution that made the final piece so interesting.

We began by making a base which was placed on a large piece of solar cover. We made our first layer using clean carded alpaca fibre all running in the same direction. This layer established the approximate size of the piece. We then made three more layers each perpendicular to the previous layer.

Over the next two weeks we carefully created and built our picture using fibres we had naturally dyed ourselves. When everybody was happy we gently placed a sheet of tulle over the entire picture. This helped hold the fibres in place whilst we started the felting process. We sprayed warm soapy water over the project – gently pressing the fibres until they felt stable, we then began to pat and rub across the tulle in various directions. This process causes the fibres to bind together and felt. This exercise took place over two days until the fibres were firmly bonded after which we took the picture outside for further bonding of the fibres.

The children thought this was great fun as they were allowed/encouraged to stamp bear footed on their work to start the fulling process!

See the gallery below for the great fun that was had on the day!

We are now going to rinse it very well in hot then cold water until all the soap has gone, trim it and put it on display.

The children have learnt so much from this exercise and had a brilliant time doing it.