I’m really excited about our latest craft adventure – decopatch.

What is decopatch?

Decopatch is a decorative fab and funky papercraft, similar to papier mache but much prettier! The modern twist on decoupage, it breathes life into objects using a special paper and glue-varnish. Decopatch looks amazing on card, metal, wood, plastic and glass. It’s really simple to do and gets fab results every time.

Decopatch is a great craft/hobby for both children and adults. It’s fun, creative and therapeutic, the perfect craft to do on your own and with friends. The results are amazing and its addictive!


I stock a wide range of decopatch papers which are amazing. They are very thin, flexible and incredibly strong. They are deep dyed and glazed so they won’t run, break apart or tear whilst you are working with them – and they don’t fade. Colours include:-

greens, browns, animal prints, pinks, metallic, red, yellow, orange, black and white, purple, multi-coloured, floral and Christmas.


The range of Decopatch blank pulpboard animals is amazing with something for everyone.

Animals are available in extra small (approximately 10cm), small (approximately 20cm),

large (approximately 50cm), and extra large(upwards of 100cm)

In addition to the animal range you will find – boxes, frames, masks, funky things, Christmas decorations and ornaments.


Dries to a transparent, shiny and water-resistant coating

Glues and varnishes in one

Designed especially for use with Decopatch paper


Step 1 – Tear Decopatch papers into small pieces.

Step 2 – Apply glossy glue to the area where the paper is to be placed.

Step 3 – Place a piece of Decopatch paper on the glued surface and brush over the area lightly until the paper sticks to the surface of the objects and the Decopatch paper has a covering of glue. Repeat this simple procedure until your object is completely covered, slightly overlapping each piece of paper as you proceed. Check there are no bare patches.

That’s it!

You can if you wish use sparkles and patchliner relief paint to enhance your project.

Leave the glue to dry to a glossy, clear finish.

See some of the images produced this week.

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Some of this weeks creations!